Bird-caging is a state of wire when it is rotated badly out of its shape. It can be made from an unnatural force. But here I am talking about another term. I am talking about psychological state of human mind.

What is the definition of Bird-caging?
=> Bird-caging is a situation pressed by someone when we no longer have the control over our surrounding and we are bound to do our daily chores according to someone else’s choice. I was petting some bird a while ago in a cage. They were domesticated quails. One day I forgot to feed them and when I remembered the next day they were running aimlessly inside the cage and when I put food inside cage they were running toward it as they were very very hungry. Then it hit my mind that even as the greatest being in the world we human has no control over our life. And we have to do many unnecessary things because of our own wicked desires or maybe because of the actions that other people took for us. Like these birds we have to wait for someone to feed us. In our case we have to get our salary to get our stomach full.

You might thing this is how world should go. We have to maintain some rules because our food supply is limited. I am not against this idea. But I am talking about barriers that is unethical and unjust. There are people like negative stakeholder who use these techniques to make other’s life hell. The hell that is called bird-cage.

Bird-caging can be of two types:

  1. Suffocation Bird-caging
  2. Abusive Bird-caging

1.Suffocating Bird-caging : Let’s say you are a troubled person and you are bounded by the situation. And you can’t break out from it because you are responsibly attached with it.

2.Abusive Bird-caging: Let’s say you have a created a situation for your own that you can’t solve it normally anymore. So people around you are using you for different purposes letting you suffer after their selfish intention is completed. And they are letting you live in a way so that you can only live for their reason. And you loose all your freedom like this.

In short bird-caging is almost like stake holding. Do not let yourself inside such cage and learn how to detect the stakeholder.

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