Nowadays toxic people are all around us. But do we know who is the toxic one? What is their definition. I think it is very hard to detect toxic persons around. Why?

Because toxicity can’t be expressed in a line or a word. If you want to know what is toxicity then you have to play Mobile Legends for a while. I am going to tell you what happens in there.

Let’s say you started playing this game a while ago. After some times when you go higher level you will see that people are telling you and calling bad names because you took a player that seems very weak in the battlefield. But if you are a good player then you know that these things don’t matter. What matter is team work. But instead of helping you, some people just call you weak and call you by bad names. And they won’t help you at all in the whole game.

What toxic people do is they destroy your perception of good ideas. They make you feel weak. They always insult you in front of other people. The reason because toxic persons are hard to detect because they don’t hard you directly. Instead they harm you by making you weak slowly.

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