Dark Side of Freelancing

Freelancing is a hot cake right now in every country. It is a good way to earn extra money. For some people it is a full time earning medium. Many people who doesn’t have a certificate are also making a lot of money from many freelancing mediums like Upwork,Frelancer, Guru,Fiverr and many other media. But there are some problems here.

  1. Proper Funding and Payment: In most of freelancing medium there is a circular system which is basically a notice board for job. In here we can see many people who are offering a very little amount for a big project. This leads us to many problems. I am going to crack two possible scenarios: The hard working people are not getting enough money doing these projects. And the worst part is , greedy people who doesn’t even know how to make a software/application are making money by selling nulled/cracked software/application that they don’t even own.
  2. Risks of Spreading Nullware and Cracked Application: As I mentioned already these apps can be very bad either way. The developer who has developed it will never get they proper payment because someone is stealing it from them. And day by day the net worth of whole developer community is lowering day by day. Which is very bad for the community. Also malwares can spread by this attempt.
  3. Are They Taking Proper Care of This: Many websites don’t even care about these types of problems. Because they lack proper reporting tool. So these well known websites are also a source of these cracked application.

What could be the solution?

We can’t really remove these greedy people from our system if we don’t value our own work. We have to learn our subjects of job properly. And we should detect greedy hoarders who offer abnormally low amount and greedy sellers who sells for a small amount of money. We should keep ourselves honest about what we are doing . In this way we can keep our community clean from unnecessary people.

1 thought on “Dark Side of Freelancing

  1. This same thing happened in the USA in the late 90s and early 2000s during the tech boom.
    I started with network managers. These managers were reaching a a $75k salary when Southeast Asian Managers began deploying remote management systems and offering services for $10k annual fees. In addition many were also coming to the US on work visas and filling positions for as little as $25k annually.. After this influx many of the more highly paid managers lost their jobs to those that would fill the position or as much as 1/3 the salary, those lower paid managers realized they sold themselves short and began sanding higher salaries, but to this day cannot claim salaries even close to the high point of the network manager salaries. Soon the exact same thing happened to web designers and is now happening to coders. The competition in a world economy makes it easy to undercut and thereby destroy others careers, in other countries/economies.

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