Beginner’s guide to Grim Soul Part-1

Hello everyone,

I’m going to write an article about Grim Soul from Kefir!, a survival game. Kefir! has gained a reputation for making many survival games. They make survival games like no one. You have to give all your mind in the game while playing it.

In this post I will write about some very basic instructions about the game. I am not going to give you any information that is already there.

  1. When you start playing the game make sure you are not distracted at all. Even 1 second is enough to kill you .
  2. Do not waste so much time inside bag. While you are looking inside bag someone could attack you.
  3. Always play with a good earphone.
  4. Try not to play 3 skull area before level 50.
  5. Keep a habit of keeping yourself inside cloths. That will increase your defense.
  6. Do not push yourself for 2 skull zone. Play 1 skull zone frequently. After level 40 you can try 2 skull zone. But even then keep playing 1 skull zone now and then to farm fast.
  7. Avoid playing events at the starting. Most of the events need heavy armor and heavy weapons.
  8. Try to play most of the time in the ‘stone foothills’ 1 skull area. This area has a lot of copper. Copper is something you will be needing after level 15 most of the time for making various stuff.
  9. There is a character called Night Shade . It will appear as a shadow demon. Whenever you see it run for your life. You cannot kill it. A fire can temporarily keep it away. When you see it run out of the place.

This is for now. I will level up and let you know the rest. Till then do not go to catacomb.

Have a safe night.

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