Hallucination and Programming

Assume one day you started coding and passed around 24 hours straight (with meals and toilet of course). Now at some point you have found that your code is going fine and you got to bed and take a good night sleep. Let’s make the number from 24 to 20. Still it is abnormal.

The fun is yet to begin. You wake up next time fresh , sit before your monitor and run your program and it says there is an error.

How this happened, you wondered. And you are even more frustrated at this point.

You see sub-conscious mind is very power itself. And when you need sleep your sub-conscious relates your deepest darkest desire and produce an illusion before your eyes, altering the actual event that is happening before your eyes. And satisfied by this you will go to sleep.

So please sleep a lot if you want to keep yourself sane. And drink a lot of water. Get a good guide without wasting your time.

Happy Programming.

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