Cigarette and Society

First of all this article may look like I am promoting smoking. But I am not. I am going to show that how fool are people and how they like to show off so much.

I have asked so many people that why they smoke? I never smoked in my life so I have an urge of knowing this thing. I could try anytime I want but I never did, because of some hypothetical issues. So the people when I asked, their replies were:
1. It helps us concentrate
2. We just do it for show off
3. We are enjoying some sort of psychological satisfaction
4. It helps us when we are in tension

Now, I think there is some sort of hidden function. As a non-smoker introvert I have felt that I am socially distant from other people around me. When i started work I have seen that there are people who continuously smoke when they are together. When they offer me a cigarette and i refuse they give me a look like I am an alien or something. And this is how I got disbanded most of the time.

So how this flow work?
First there is a person who start smoking. Then when someone is trying to reach that person he starts smoking seriously. So it almost seems like that cigarette is a part of socialization nowadays. (This article need some farther investigation.)

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