How to start freelancing?

The headline looks catchy. But here is the thing. This is a wrong question. Why?

Let’s talk about this. First we have to learn that what freelancing is . Freelancing is not a job. It is a medium of work/job. Through a freelancing portal(either local or online) you basically do a job that you are skilled with.

So what should be the question ?

  • What topic is good for starting freelancing?
  • Which language I should work on while freelancing?

There are several topics of freelancing .

  • Web development
  • Mail marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Translator
  • Ghostwriting
  • Graphics Designing
  • And much more

Before choosing a topic you must make sure that you have all the right equipment before starting a job. A PC is required for a job. For making a logo you must have a good PC with better Graphics support. If you want to work with Web design you need a lot of knowledge about CSS and JS.

If you think you are good at something look for that topic in freelancers website like Upwork,Fiverr or many other websites. You can find local lobs if you know how to jack with the right person.

Thanks for reading.

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